Lauren and I are sad to say that we lost a very big part of us last week.  Rocky was a part of lives since we were 18 years old, and we are thankful for every minute.

Weimaraners are often referred to as “shadows,” and that was definitely the case with Rocky.  He went everywhere we went, but we we wouldn’t have had it any other way.  There is something special about a dog with a love so deep he can’t let you out of his sight.  If you went to the kitchen, he went to the kitchen. If you went to the bathroom, he followed close behind so he could drink from the shower.  Once he realized that you were going to bed, he’d race you to it just to ensure he’d be close through the night.  Rocky’s shadow-like spirit meant he tagged along on errands, attended family meals and parties, and even vacations.  I’m also fairly certain Rocky has attended more sporting events than any other animal that isn’t a mascot. 🙂

Rocky endured several health battles over the years, but things became pretty tough recently.  I took him to Riverside last Monday after a pretty bad weekend to see if there was anything else that could be done.  Dr. Ryan planned to give him fluids and tests and keep him for a few days, and we would go in Thursday to make a decision.  We were hoping he’d have one final fight in him, but on Thursday morning I received a call that he passed away shortly after 8:15am… the same day we were going to meet with Dr. Ryan.

If Rocky’s body could have matched his spirit and determination to be close by our side then he’d, without a doubt, outlived both of us!

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